Best Medical-Grade Compression Garments

Marena is the global leader in comfortable, medical-grade compression garments. We collaborate with researchers and conduct continual clinical testing to bring innovation to our products, ensuring optimal results for men and women.

Since 1994, we have designed and manufactured our clinically proven Marena Recovery, Marena Shape, and Marena Sport compression garment product lines in the USA.

20 Years of Compression Fabric Innovation

Marena's patented 4-way stretch fabric ensures a comfortable fit and superior medical-grade compression. Our garments last longer and retain their shape, staying softer and more comfortable through extended wear making them the perfect compression garments for postpartum compression, travel, running, post-surgical garments, and more.

Marena brands are ISO certified and made in the USA with our exclusive patented fabric. You can't get compression garments like these at your local department store. Whether you get our women's compression pants or men's compression shirts, you're getting premium fabric that is hypoallergenic, soft, stretchy, and treated with antimicrobial protection.

Technology With A Heart

The Heart of Marena is about improving lives, allowing you to do more of what you want to, better! We adapt the latest in technology to improve the healing experience for Marena Recovery, prevent garment failure and discomfort in Marena Shape and protect and recharge your body in Marena Sport. We only produce products with medically proven benefits.

Clinical Testing

We value innovation and partner with medical professionals to add designs as well as test for results. Our constant testing and validation process ensures we continually measure results and can add styles knowing how the benefits work. That is how we earn the trust and testimonials of hundreds of users.

8 out of 10 doctors recommend Marena.

The Recovery Journey


1-4 weeks after surgery

Designed for comfort and healing immediately following surgery, Step 1 compression garments help reduce pain and are easy to get on. Our post surgical garments stay comfortable to wear 24/7, even during sleep.

  • Reduce swelling and pain

  • Moisture control to prevent infection

  • Comfort after surgery

  • Ability to sleep in comfort

  • Ease of movement


4-12 weeks after surgery

After week 4, when initial swelling has gone down, patients get their new size in Step 2 garments to continue healing. These garments work well under clothes, stay soft and stretch for full range of movement.

  • Tone and smooth skin

  • Reduce bruising

  • Cooling fabric

  • Support skin and muscles

  • Smaller size post swelling

  • Comfortable under clothes


12+ weeks after surgery

Move through the day comfortably and confidently with the micro-massage sensation and cooling properties of our Step 3 post surgical compression garments.

  • Improved posture through muscle support

  • Keeps you cool & dry with moisture-wicking fabric

  • Travel in comfort with improved circulation

  • Sleek and comfortable under clothes

The Products