About Us

We have been working for almost 20 years as a reliable manufacturer of medical instruments and equipment, with the belief and goal that we would promote customers' health and improve the quality of life through supply of excellent product as a leading comapny which thinks based on customers' situation, and we promise to be an exemplary enterprise which approaches to our customers' trust through ceaseless R&D and through quality control.

We always appreciate for customers' choice and we really think that Sun Medical's duty and purpose are to manufacture the safe and quality products.

We are International Quality Certified Enterprise (ISO13485) of Medical Equipment, and we have been doing our best to manufacture quality product through our exact QC for our products as GMP Certified Enterprise from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). We always have been focusing on creating technical R&D (research and development) product, and now we possess many intellectual property right of the Patent Office, and we will do our utmost for steadu technical improvement and developing new products


Our History

Our Products:

Facial Silicone Implants

  1. It is the greatest advantage of Sun Medical Silicone Implant that it can meet various patients' needs by providing various designs and hardness based on long experience and manufacturing technique of well-trained carving staff

  2. It is stand out characteristic of carved implants that it's surface is rougher comparing to the implants manufactured by machine and its very fine bent on the suface helps the tissue to be attached easily to the implant

  3. Silicone Implants are manufactured sterile under strictly controlled quality management system in accordance with ISO13485 and KGMP for patents' safety

Nasal Implant

Chin Implant

Malar Implant

Paranasal Implant

Temple Implant

Forehead Implant