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Since 2019, Gia Ngoc IMT officially became the Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam of Ultrasun




Ultrasun was founded in 1992 by Tazio Tettamanti, a Swiss chemist whose brother was a victim of skin cancer. He is determined to make a revolutionary difference by combining his own life experience with the expertise of a chemist to create excellent sun protection and skin care products that protect the skin and health from the harmful effects of the sun. That is the inspiration that made Tazio Tettamanti founded Ultrasun. After over 27 years of establishment and development, that is still the principle, driving force and mission behind the Ultrasun brand today.

  • 100% free of ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

  • Offer very high protection against UVA, UVB, Infrared A rays and blue light while being gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

  • Available in pharmacies and recommended daily by pharmacists in Switzerland and worldwide as an indispensable skincare step for sun protection, anti-aging, anti-pigmentation and other skin conditions.

  • Recommended by dermatologists for patients with sensitive skin.

  • Used and endorsed by world-class Athletes as the premier outdoor skin protection product.

  • Produced exclusively in Switzerland to the strictest pharmaceutical gold standards.


Why Ultrasun?


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The Best Mineral Sunblock

Mineral sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, especially post-treatment and extremely sensitive skin, with ultra-thin and light cream, exclusive formula and superior ingredients, safe and gentle for the skin.


  • Broad spectrum sunblock that blocks up to 95% of UVA, UVB, IR-A and Blue Light rays

  • Perfect choice for skin after treatment (Hifu, Laser, RF, Meso, ...) and extremely sensitive skin

  • Does not cause irritation, acne or clog pores.

  • Control shine, sebum and sweat

  • Photo-stable, water-resistant, sweat-resistant

  • Use only once a day

  • Absolutely safe for all skin types, free of fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, PEG/PPG emulsifiers, endocrine disruptors, aluminum compounds and preservatives

  • Certified hypoallergenic (AHA) and certified NATURAL COSMETICS (NATRUE)

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Double 4-in-1 Sun Protection

Combination of chemical and mineral sunscreen in an exclusive dual protection formula with superior ingredients, safe and absolutely gentle on the skin.

With water-proof, sweat-proof, shine and sebum control, non-clogging pores, non-comedogenic, just 1 TIME USE PER DAY provides absolute protection for the skin.

Against 4 types of rays:

  • UVA: breaks down collagen structure, causing melasma, freckles, age spots and aging.

  • UVB: the cause of dry skin, darkening, sunburn and skin cancer.

  • Tia hồng ngoại IR-A: Loss of moisture in the skin and cause direct effects on the surface of the skin.

  • Ánh sáng xanh: generates free radicals, weakens the skin barrier, causes cells to lose water severely and shows signs of aging.

4 effects:

  • Sun protection, DNA protection, repair DNA damage caused by the sun.

  • Anti-aging

  • Prevent melasma, reduce darkening - melasma, brighten and even skin tone effectively after 2-4 weeks of use.

  • Prevents cell dehydration, moisturizes the skin.

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Supreme Soothing Gel

Specialized products in the form of cold gels to soothe, restore and regenerate the skin after performing intensive treatments such as laser, micro-needling, peeling...

Can be used after the skin is damaged by the sun such as burning, redness, sunburn...

The product also acts as a hydrator, deeply moisturizing and regenerating for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

The exclusive AQUARICH® formula penetrates and hydrates the skin instantly, providing an immediate cooling effect that may last up to 24 hours.



  • Skin after laser, micro-needling, peeling...

  • Skin after sun exposure (preventing and reducing, eliminating symptoms of redness, itching, peeling skin caused by sun damage)


HYDRATE, LOCK MOISTURE, REDUCE Irritation for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

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