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Over 30 years ago, Biodermis revolutionized the scar industry by bringing scar gel technology to dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. Since then, we have maintained our market leadership position through constant innovation. Thanks to that, we continue to develop scar products. This also sets the stage for a whole new chapter in the history of Biodermis - dermatology and beauty treatments.

We are extremely knowledgeable about scar silicone, the only proven topical treatment to control keloids and hypertrophic scars by hydrating and oxygenating the skin, and without the use of chemicals on the surface of the skin. The product is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, completely free of oils, dyes and fragrances, safe for all skin types.

We are happy for you to try our quality products and guarantee your absolute satisfaction.



100% medical grade silicone gel

Xeragel is a clear, topical, 100% medical grade silicone gel ointment that provides a discreet and convenient scar treatment solution.
The product is recommended for scars not covered by clothing.

Packaging: 10g tube

Main Ingredients: 100% Sterilized Medical Silicone


The world's first and ONLY PATENTED silicone scar treatment stick, with SPF-15!

Pro-Sil deliver the exact same scar treatment results as Xeragel, but in a more convenient form. Pro-Sil sticks can be easily carried in bags, clothes pockets, without worrying about the product leaking during travel.

Packaging: 4.25g stick

Main ingredients: Medical Sterilized Silicone, Avobenzone (sunscreen), Octocrylene (sunscreen), Octinoxate (sunscreen)


Silicone Gel Sheeting

Epi-Derm and Epi-Derm Natural are Biodermis' premium scar gel sheetings. Since more than 20 years ago, Epi-Derm (transparent) products have become the standard in comfort and quality for scar treatment products, Epi-Derm has always been the first choice of doctors when using the scar patch. Epi-Derm Natural (nude) provides the same effect as Epi-Derm, with a new innovation that uses additional fabric on the outer surface to create a natural nude color that matches the skin tone.

Products come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for any wound.

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Dermasof Silk is a revolutionary sterile Medical Silicone serum with ultimate coverage in all areas, with absolutely no greasy feel thanks to its serum-like texture. The exclusive scar formula is ideal for the treatment of post-surgical scars, with a quick-drying sensation that is completely unobtrusive even when used on areas of skin that come into contact with clothing.

Dermasof Silk is manufactured from 100% Sterilized Medical Silicone, providing an environment rich in moisture and oxygen that promotes the skin's self-healing process after injury.

Packaging: 30 ml pump bottle

Main ingredients: 100% Sterilized Medical Silicone

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