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World's top breast implant brand with various shapes and sizes, promising to meet all aesthetic requirement of the customers, no matter you are expecting the sexy or natural beauty.

Excellent quality certified with ISO, FDA (USA) và CE (Europe).

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Best premium medical compression garment brand in the market, ContourMD (coming from the USA) promises to give customers best support with post-surgery garment, especially for aesthetic purpose: breast augmentation, arm liposuction, abdominal dermolipectomy, liposuction carried out on abdomial, buttock, thigh...

Located in Switzerland, in the biotech hub of Yverdon-les-Bains, Suisselle is a privately-owned laboratory that specializes in the research, development, and commercialization of innovative cosmetic and medical devices products, with Apriline® Filler and Apriline® Meso.

With patented technology CHAC, Suisselle's products become the gold standard in aesthetic and non-invasive beauty procedure.

Sun medical - 1.jpg

Sun Medical is a Korean manufacturer, famous for Safe-Sil - the sterilized medical silicone implants with various shapes and sizes for all area of the face: nose, chin, forehead, temples, nasolabial folds...

Biodermis - 1.jpg

Biodermis Corporation (USA), is the pioneer in scar and stretchmark treatment. All products are made from medical silicone and certified by FDA and ISO with many shapes and sizes, very convenient for all scar and stretchmark areas.

hironic - 1.jpg

Hironic (Korea) is a famous manufacturer of aesthetic treatment devices in the world for all high-tech procedures: reducing fat with cooling enegy, pigmentation treatment with laser, vaginal tightening,...

Gia Ngọc IMT is the official distributor of Hironic in Vietnam since 2019.

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